Monday, June 6, 2011

TOR rejects claims it can't refine crude oil from Jubilee Field

 Managing Director Ato Ampiah

The Tema Oil Refinery has once again rejected claims that it is in no position to refine crude oil from the Jubilee Field.

The claim, first made by a senior government official during the pouring of first oil has recently gained currency following similar reported comments attributed to a Tullow official by the GNA.

Tullow has since sought to distance itself from the comment in a statement issued to the media.

The refinery's Managing Director Ato Ampiah insists TOR has the capacity process crude from any part of the world.

"In fact Jubilee crude will be one of the easiest to be refined by TOR - it is not different from Bonny or Brent and TOR has been processing Bonny and Brent for years so the issue is not that TOR cannot refine the crude - TOR can even with closed eyes refine the Jubilee crude," he stated.

TOR according to Mr. Ampiah was expected to have taken delivery of GNPC's second consignment from the Jubilee Field. Much as he subscribes to the suggestion that the commodity first gain enough acceptability internationally, he insists there must be a clear policy on how Ghana wants to market its crude.

He said it was understandable for managers of the country's oil to want to put enough on the international market in order to establish a brand name for the product before TOR could start refining it.

Meanwhile Joy Business has learnt yesterday's expected lifting of Jubilee crude by the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation has been rescheduled to sometime next week.

Officials explain a clause that allows the partners to lift five percent more than originally planned meant that there wouldn't have been enough for GNPC to lift its full quota.

Source: Joy Business/Ghana

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