Thursday, June 30, 2011

President Mills solidifies oil deal with Equatorial Guinea

President Mills has met his Equatorial Guinean counterpart, Teodora Nbiang Nguema Mbasogo on the sideline of the 17th session of the AU Summit in Malabo.

Issues discussed bordered on an oil deal between the two countries. President Mbasogo assured President Mills of his willingness to continue supplying crude oil to Ghana.

Our correspondent also spoke about the Peer Review Session and President Mills’ meeting with the Ghanaian community in Malabo.

He said President Teodora Nbiang Nguema Mbasogo has shown commitment that his country is prepared to also join the APRM because of the good things that are coming out of the APRM.

The President later met with the Ghanaian Community in Malabo and according to our correspondent, the major problem that was put forth was the issue of legal documents to live and work in Equatorial Guinea. This they said have resulted to either money being extorted from them with the pretext of securing them jobs or finding themselves in the grip of the police.

There are about 1000 registered Ghanaians in Equatorial Guinea out of the over 3000 that are living there.

Equatorial Guinea is sub-Saharan Africa’s third largest oil producer and for that matter attracts a lot of migrants into the Country.


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