Thursday, April 27, 2023

Revealing import and export flows, throughput, tank turns, turnaround times, ship visits of 12,611 tank storage facilities

Here is a breakdown of the data labels in our market research platform; which explains why it retrieves key data with just a few clicks:

  • 7,968 Tank Terminals: independent, captive, semi-captive.
  • 4,643 Production Facilities: petroleum and vegetable oil refineries, chemical sites, olefin, LNG, renewable fuel and hydrogen plants.
  • Logistical Performance Tool: Berth occupancy rates, turnaround times, ship visits, throughput, tank turns.
  • Petroleum Import/Export Flows
  • Storage Capacities: 1,584,032,506 m3
  • Number of Tanks: 144,403.
  • Tank Types: Mild Steel, Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Sphere, Temperature Controlled, Bullet, Underground.
  • Number of berths: 8,915
  • Access Modes: Sea, Rail, Road, Pipeline, Barge.
  • Stored Products: Crude Oil, Gasoline, Gasoil, Diesel, Jet-Kero, VGO, Fuel Oil, Marine Fuel, Bitumen, Naphtha, Methanol, Bulk Chemicals, Intermediate Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Ammonia, LNG, LC2, LPG, Liquefied H2, LCO2, Other LG, NGL, Biofuel, Vegetable Oil, and Waste.
  • Advanced Search & Filtering
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Terminal Infrastructure Benchmarks
  • Evolution of Storage Capacities

Start your trial at no cost. In less than 14 days you will learn how to disclose KPIs of 12,611 tank terminals and production facilities so that you gain a thorough understanding of how terminals are doing in key areas.

This means being able to discover new business opportunities; that exist already, but that are hidden under ever-growing loads of industry data and information.

You may also book a demo to learn about other digitalization solutions:

  • ISGOTT 6: Register safety checks, streamline communications and share documents between shipping companies and port authorities
  • Terminal Marketplace: Eliminate transaction barriers in a platform where terminal operators both communicate their tank storage availability and receive storage bids.
  • Vessel Clearing Tool: Clear the vessel in 4 steps (that last 30 seconds) to make this process safe, fast and efficient.

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