Friday, October 21, 2011

Iraq exports 63 million barrels of crude oil in September 2011

Iraq Ministry of Oil said that the overall crude oil exports for September 2011 reached 63 million barrels adding that the income thereof exceeded 6 billion dollars.

“The overall of September 2011 crude oil exports reached 63.1 million barrels”, said Iraq Ministry of Oil Spokesman Assem Jihad in a statement a copy of which reached Alsumarianews. “Iraq oil income 6.619 billion dollars as each oil barrel was sold at $104.897”, Jihad added.

“”53 million barrels of crude oil were exported from Basra with an income of 5.529 million US dollars, while 10.1 million barrels of crude oil were exported from Kirkuk oil with an income of 1.9 billion dollars”, Jihad uttered.

“These oil quantities were transported by the 28 different multinational oil companies working in Iraq. Exports were carried out thru Basra Port an Khawr Al Aamiah on the Arab Gulf, from Ceyhan Turkish port on the Mediterranean and thru oil trucks towards Jordan”, the same source added.

Iraq State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO) said in September 2011 that the overall of Iraq crude oil exports for August reached 67.9 million barrels which brought in an income that exceeded 7 billion US dollars.

In March 2011 Iraq Ministry of Oil announced that Iraq oil reserves increased to reach 143 billion oil barrels and 123 trillion cubic meters of gas. It is to be noted that Kurdistan oil reserves are not included in these figures.

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