Friday, November 25, 2011

BW tanker outwits pirates

The product tanker ‘BW Danube’ came under attack by pirates in position 15:51.1N - 055:07.0E on 15th November.

Eight pirates in two skiffs chased the vessel while it was underway.

The Master raised the alarm, ordered an increase in speed; took evasive manoeuvres and all the crew, except the bridge team, mustered in the citadel.

The security team on board the vessel fired flares towards the skiffs as a warning.

The pirates fired upon the tanker and finally aborted the attempted attack and moved towards a mother vessel.

The dhow mothership was reported to have been intercepted by naval forces and disrupted with the skiffs being destroyed. The pirates were removed and the dhow was no longer considered a threat to shipping.

There were also reports of several attacks on chemical tankers in the South China Sea last week.

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