Friday, December 29, 2023

Thousands flee New York over high taxes: 'I'm really worried about the future of this city

“Well, it's just not just New York. New York is one of the major states of exodus, but then you got to look at my home state of Illinois, which is also losing huge numbers of people and so is California,” he said. “California is on pace to lose perhaps four congressional seats in the 2030 census if this mass out migration continues.”

Between July 2022 And July 2023, more than 270,000 people left New York than move there. Within that same time period, the number of people who died in New York was 166,000. More people are leaving New York than dying there.

“So what does Illinois, California and New York have in common? Oh, yeah, they're the highest tax states in the country. A lot of businessmen and women and a lot of families are leaving these high tax states and you know where they’ve gone? They're going to Florida, Texas, Tennessee, the Carolinas and those Mountain States like Idaho and Montana who were the big winners in terms of population gains,” Moore said. “I’m really worried about the future of not just these blue states, but cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and of course, New York City and Chicago. That'll lead to losing a lot of people.”

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