Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Governor Hochul Confirms Preliminary Contract for Floyd Bennett Field to Serve as Asylum Seekers' Shelter





Governor Kathy Hochul has confirmed that the Biden Administration has issued a preliminary contract for New York to use Floyd Bennett Field as an asylum seekers' shelter. Once the final contract is signed, Hochul plans to work with Mayor Adams to create a Humanitarian Emergency Relief and Response Center at the location.

The proposed center could accommodate over 2,000 asylum seekers. Hochul thanked President Biden for supporting the project and reassured her dedication to New York's residents.

Hochul pointed out the need to provide work permits to these individuals promptly, facilitating their transition from the shelter to independent living. She views the proposed location as a significant aid in this process.

Hochul underlined the collective effort needed to assist these individuals in achieving asylum seeker status and legal work. She considers the use of Floyd Bennett Field as a shelter an important step in this journey, offering essential support as the asylum seekers work towards their legal status.

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