Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Grounded LNG Tanker Could Be Siphoned Off

The Magellan Spirit, the LNG tanker that ran aground near the Bonny Island terminal in Nigeria, may have its cargo siphoned off if tugs are not able to free it. The LNG cargo will have to be siphoned off into another tanker; this could occur as early as next week according to a spokesman for Teekay LNG partners, owner of the vessel.

The tanker had just been loaded at NLNG on Bonny Island prior with 165,000 cubic meters of LNG on January 5 when it ran aground in soft mud, Teekay spokesman Jonathan Anthony said in a statement.

“Expert advisers are presently on location considering next steps, such as lightening the vessel by way of a ship-to-ship transfer of a part of the cargo, which could occur as early as next week,”he said.
As yet the Magellan Spirit has not disrupted inbound or outbound tanker traffic and traders said it is not expected too.

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