Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meeting the challenges; Goil gets new livery

Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL) has re-branded its image to meet the challenges of the oil marketing industry in the country.

The new logo centered round the letter “G” with wind vanes in various shades of orange rotating anti-clockwise, with “GOIL,” and “Good Energy” written below in grey seeks to present a dynamic action oriented company.

Mr. Kojo Bonsu, a member of the GOIL Board of Directors explained that, as the leading indigenous oil company, GOIL is placing itself in readiness to compete effectively in the industry.
“The rebranding is a reflection of our commitment to grow our business by being better positioned in the minds of all our stakeholders including our employees, consumers, regulators, investors and even our competitors.”

Mr. Bonsu, who was in charge of the GOIL Re-branding Committee noted that the rebranding will take between five to ten years for “GOIL to transform and control the oil industry in the country.”
GOIL was incorporated as a private limited liability company on June 14, 1960 as AGIP Ghana Company Limited with the objective of marketing petroleum and related products particularly fuels, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), lubricants, bitumen, and other specialized products in the country.
The Government of Ghana in 1974 acquired the shares of AGIP SPA and Hydrocarbons International Holdings in AGIP Ghana Company Limited.

By a special resolution in 1976 the name of the Company was changed to Ghana Oil Company Limited.

Mr. Chris A. Ackummey, Acting Managing Director of the company, said GOIL has the largest retail network with numerous consumer outlets doted throughout the country; in addition, there are a number of other retail outlets established to market premix fuel and kerosene to rural areas.
Other LP Gas filling plants have also been installed at some of the filling and service stations and at other locations in the country.

He said GOIL’s philosophy is to continuously improve and provide varieties in terms of its products and service delivery through product differentiation in the region of fuel oils; it is about combining best breeds of additives with the normal fuel oil.

“Our experienced technical team is the brain behind the innovations. They are able to take advantage of global research findings to create products of quality to our customers.”

Dr. Joe Oteng Adjei, Minister of Energy who launched the new logo and rebranded image said the government was committed to transforming the energy sector and lauded the effort of GOIL to set the pace in the oil sector and called for concerted efforts to move the rebranding agenda for attainment of the government’s “Better Ghana Agenda”.

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