Monday, January 4, 2021

Iran Completes Loading Operation of 6.3 Kilometers of Oil Terminal's Offshore Pipelines

The loading operation of 6.3 kilometers of the oil terminal”s offshore pipelines was completed from Khorramshahr industrial yard, stated the acting operator of Jask Oil Terminal development project in southern Iran.

With the highest effort of the executive team of this project, the pipelines of the first sea route leading to the single-point mooring (SPM) of Jask Terminal were loaded, stated Vahid Maleki.

Referring to this transnational project, which is being realized at the same time as the country’s oil industry is confronting the most unprecedented illegal sanctions submitted by the US, he indicates despite all the existing restrictions, the Oil Ministry is determined to put into operation the first phase of the country’s second crude oil export terminal on the Makran coast by the end of this year, with the collaboration of domestic companies. 

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