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Environmentalists ‘Ignore the Winter’ While ‘Hyping Up’ Summers to Maintain Climate Narrative, Expert Claims

 A heat advisory sign is shown along U.S. highway 190 during a heat wave in Death Valley National Park in Death Valley, California, on July 16, 2023. (Ronda Churchill/AFP via Getty Images)

A heat advisory sign is shown along U.S. highway 190 during a heat wave in Death Valley National Park in Death Valley, California, on July 16, 2023. (Ronda Churchill/AFP via Getty Images) 

The ongoing narrative presenting the current hot temperatures across the world as something alarming is ludicrous, according to Daniel Turner, founder and executive director of the national nonprofit advocacy group Power the Future, who insists that environmental activists are hyping up heat events.

Earlier this month, Christopher Hewitt, director of climate services at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), said the world is in “unchartered territory” as the organization reported “record-breaking temperatures.” However, in a July 19 interview with Joshua Philipp’s on EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program, Mr. Turner called such claims “laughable.”

Turner’s organization advocates in Washington for American energy jobs. He pointed out that very long ago, when the Sahara desert was an ocean, the world’s average temperature used to be around 30 degrees hotter than it currently is.

“There were no humans that caused that. It was just the natural earth cycle. So, the environmentalists are all up in arms that we’re 1.2 to 1.8 degrees Celsius warmer than we were 150 years ago. And that’s really kind of a negligible number when you look at the billions of years that the Earth has been around.”

The Earth saw its “coolest June in the last 30-some-odd years,” he said. However, this fact “barely made the news cycle because it wasn’t a fun, sexy story. So they just kind of ignored it.”

Epoch Times Photo
Melanie Anguay, of Las Vegas, stands for a photo next to a digital display of an unofficial heat reading at Furnace Creek Visitor Center during a heat wave in Death Valley National Park in Death Valley, Calif., on July 16, 2023. (Ronda Churchill/AFP via Getty Images)

Even though the United States is seeing a hot July right now, that isn’t surprising since it’s part of the Northern Hemisphere, where the months of July and August “should be hot,” Mr. Turner stated.  He criticized environmentalists for hyping up heat, while ignoring the intense winters.

“It’s very strange, though, that the environmental left loves to talk about the summer, they love to talk about the heat. Because it’s sexy, the heat is oppressive, it’s very uncomfortable. But the cold is actually much more deadly,” he said.

“On average, four times more people die of the cold. And yet when we have terrible winters, we don’t blame that on climate change. We just call that winter because it doesn’t fit the narrative that the planet is getting warmer.

“So they just ignore the winter.”

Mr. Turner said that the “terrible environmental policies” being pushed by the government not only raise the cost of energy and cause “continuing blackouts and brownouts” but are more deadly in winter than in the summer.

“The human spirit can actually resist the heat a lot better than it can resist the cold.”

Fossil Fuel Benefits, Electric Infrastructure

While mainstream media are perpetuating climate alarmism, the Biden administration is seeking to place limits on the use of certain home appliances in a bid to control carbon emissions.

The Department of Energy (DoE) recently proposed efficiency standards for new residential water heaters to combat climate change.

In February, the department proposed standards for consumer cooking products that would ban the sale of at least half of U.S. stove models.

The Biden administration is also pushing new efficiency standards for dishwashers and gas-powered portable generators.

Mr. Turner called the use of terms such as “extreme weather” one among the many “nebulous phrases that the environmental left gets to use and identify and define and explain however they want … to push their narrative.” He insisted that fossil fuels are a boon for humanity as they allow people to survive in nature by powering various appliances.

If mankind actually had more fossil fuels, humanity would be “thriving more,” he said.

Epoch Times Photo
A Tesla supercharger site in San Rafael, Calif., on Feb. 15, 2023. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

“We would have more people with air conditioning and heating, and we’d have more food and goods and services being transported around the world at a cheaper cost. And so fossil fuels haven’t made the planet worse.

“Nature is awful. Nature is Canadian fires that aren’t managed by humans. Nature is a brutal force. Hurricanes are brutal, tornadoes are brutal. But what fossil fuels have allowed us to do is tame nature so that we can thrive here,” he said

“And since the fossil fuel revolution started in the 1850s, the planet has exploded exponentially with population because we’re able to survive a lot more. That’s a benefit of fossil fuels, not a detriment.”

When asked about the Biden administration’s decision to send free air conditioners to people as part of a plan to promote “equity and environmental justice”  while at the same time putting restrictions on their use, Mr. Turner highlighted the vulnerabilities of the government’s push for an electrified economy.

“How do they power them? They power them on the electric grid. And the electric grid right now in the United States is 65 percent—I believe—fossil-fuel driven. The other large percentage is nuclear. And yet, these are two industries that this administration is attacking.”

“So, it’s the same as EVs, right? It’s the same as telling people to charge their electric car, but then not providing the responsible electric grid to do so.

“And so there’s a huge disconnect with how this country works, how our economy works, and then how we advance as a civilization.

“We’re pushing an electrified economy. And yet we’re not providing the electric grid to have this electrified economy, it shows that there’s not a serious policy in place. There’s a lot of ignorance in this administration. And in this case, ignorance is quite deadly.”

Depopulation, Hypocrisy of Elites

In his “Crossroads” interview, Mr. Turner also brought attention to the depopulation agenda being pushed on America as well as the hypocrisy of the elites when it comes to fossil fuel use.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently sparked outrage when she spoke about the Biden administration investing to reduce the U.S. population in order to provide cleaner air and drinking water.

“When President [Joe] Biden and I took office, we set an ambitious goal … to cut our greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and to reach net-zero emissions by 2050,” she said.

“When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.”

The White House later suggested that Harris had mistakenly used the word “population” instead of “pollution” by releasing a corrected statement. Mr. Turner called Ms. Harris’s population reduction comments “absolutely insane.”

US Climate Envoy John Kerry testifies during a House Oversight and Accountability Subcommittee hearing on "The State Department's Climate Agenda: A Budget Overview by the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate," on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on July 13, 2023. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP) (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)
U.S. climate envoy John Kerry testifies during a House Oversight and Accountability Subcommittee hearing in Washington on July 13, 2023. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

“A logical question is who should die.” Mr. Turner said. “Once Kamala Harris talks about population control, Bill Gates talks about population control and reducing the population, I just have an honest question—Who?” Show me specifically what people, what populations, and how should we reduce their population.

“It really explains this administration and the environmental left’s love for abortion policies around the world for population control policies. When I call it misanthropic, I’m not being hyperbolic.

“John Kerry won’t even give up his private jet. He was very hostile recently, before the House committee that asked him about his private jet, saying I personally don’t own one. Of course, his wife does … But he’s not giving it up anytime soon. He doesn’t want to give up the fossil fuel life. He hasn’t given up his yacht or his mansions either.”

“Joe Biden has never once said, ‘I’m going to stay home from Delaware this week. And I’m going to stay in White House, because I want to reduce my carbon footprint.’ Every weekend, he has no problem using multiple jets, motorcades, sending hundreds of people to Delaware because he wants to spend a weekend at the beach. So, when will Joe Biden sacrifice his luxury of the fossil fuel economy?”

Mr. Turner pointed out that a similar sequence of events occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, when those in power “set a bunch of blanket rules, but then they in their personal life don’t have to follow them.”

“[Then-House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi was very comfortable getting her hair done, and [California Gov.] Gavin Newsom was very comfortable going to the French Laundry, and we saw mayors and governors in Mexico on holiday vacation.

“So there is this enormous hypocrisy that rules exist for the little people.”

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