Friday, July 6, 2012

Petrobras in chartering spree

Period charters continued unabated, illustrated by Petrobras reportedly taking at least three tankers on long term charter for three year periods.

These included the Aframax ‘LMI Star’ at $15,200 per day, plus the MRs ‘Elka Delos’ and ‘Evros’ at $14,000 per day each.

Elsewhere, Morgan Stanley fixed the 2006-built MR2 ‘Maersk Marmara’ for 12 months at $13,500 per day, while NORDEN took the fellow Danish managed MR2 ‘Torm Helsingor’ for three years at $12,750 per day, as well as the ‘Nord Observer’ for 17 months at $12,200 per day, brokers reported.

In addition, Shell was believed to have fixed the MR ‘Maersk Mediterranean’ for 12 months at $13,500 per day.

Indian refiner Reliance reportedly took the 2002-built VLCC ‘Eagle Virginia’ for 12 months at $18,500 per day.

Leaving the fleet were the 1993-built Aframax ‘Pioneer’, reportedly sold to Pakistan breakers for $397 per ldt and the 1989-built VLCC ‘Sri Qadriah 1’, believed sold to Bangladesh recyclers at $416 per ldt.

Pakistan breakers were said to have taken the 1994-built Aframax ‘DHT Dania’, ex ‘Overseas Ania’, for $425 per ldt on the basis ‘as is’ Singapore with 400 tonnes of bunkers remaining on board.

The 1992-built Suezmax ‘ISI Olive’ was sold to Indian sub-continent buyers for $405 per ldt, while the 1989-built Aframax ‘Ratna Urvi’ was reportedly sold to Pakistan interests for $410 per ldt.

Finally, the 1994-built Aframax ‘Unity’ was believed to have been committed to Bangladesh recyclers on private terms.

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