Sunday, September 24, 2023

11,000 Illegal Immigrants Storm Border Town That Governor Abbott Blames Biden 

A Texas border town declared a State of Emergency on Wednesday as over 11,000 illegal immigrants have crossed the border to the City. Eagle Pass which is 7 hours east of El Paso and 2 hours southeast of San Antonio. Eagle Pass has been overwhelmed this week.

The migrants crossed the Rio Grande. This is where Texas Governor Greg Abbott set up the water barrier that has drawn criticism and legal battle since it went up this summer. 

As 4,000 illegal immigrants crossed the border on September 20, Mayor Rolando Salinas declared a State of Emergency according to Daily Mail. 

Salinas said:

“The City of Eagle Pass is committed to the safety and well-being of our local citizens. The emergency declaration grants us the ability to request financial resources to provide the additional services caused by the influx of undocumented immigrants.

Mayor Salinas said according to The New York Post:

“One of the situations is that a lot of these [migrants], they’re single males and they don’t want to listen to instructions and they’re leaving the facility.” 

The mayor added according to The San Antonio Express News: 

“It has taken a toll on our local resources, specifically our police force and our fire department.” 
“I’ve been getting a lot of calls from our constituents that they get worried, they see a lot of people in our community.”

You can see more details in this video:

Earlier in the week on Monday, 2,500 illegal immigrants entered the City. Then last week, 7,200 illegal immigrants entered the City. The total combined number of illegal immigrants makes up half the population of the City of Del Rio which has 29,000 people according to World Population Review.

A year ago, U.S. Customs and Border Protection opened a processing facility that can support up to 1,000 people. 

Mayor Salinas said the City does not have the funds to open a shelter. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott shared on X formerly Twitter that Border Patrol agents cut a wire preventing migrants from crossing the border. Abbott is blaming the Biden administration.


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