Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Finland government approves development of three LNG terminals

Over €200 million in total will be invested in Finland's new LNG infrastructure - See more at:

Three new LNG terminals are to be developed in Finland following approval by the country's Ministry of Employment and the Economy (MEE).

The MEE has committed €65.2 million to energy subsidies for the terminals, which are to be built by the companies Manga LNG Oy (MLO), Skangass Oy (SO) and Oy Aga AB (OAA) to help reduce the industrial use of fuel oil and LPG in Finland. MLA, a joint venture between Outokumpu Oyj, SSAB, SO and EPV Energia Oy, will build its terminal at Röyttä Harbour, Tornio.

The JV was awarded €33.15 million for the facility, due to be completed in 2017.

The terminal will have an LNG storage capacity of 50,000m3. SO will construct a terminal at Tahkoluoto Harbor in the Port of Pori, with completion set for autumn 2016.

The company was awarded €23.44 million for the facility, which will have an LNG storage capacity of 30,000m3. The Port of Rauma will provide the location for the OAA terminal, which will consist of eight LNG tanks with a combined capacity of 10,000m3.

The company was awarded €8.6 million for the project, which is set to be completed in early 2017. Combined, the facility's maximum operating capacity will equal around 450,000 tonnes.

The new terminals will also reduce Finland's annual CO2 emissions by around 370,000 tonnes and its carbon emissions by 1,870 tonnes.

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