Wednesday, June 2, 2010

T Blowout Preventer

The Cameron T blowout preventer offers a unique combination of benefits,including safety, economy, reliability, extended service life, reduced height and fast and easy service. Side ram removal on the T BOP permits reduced stack height and facilitates change-out of rams and packers. Sliding the rams to the side simplifies access and handling and reduces vertical clearance requirements. The T BOP is available in a modular design which greatly reduces stack height. This design is possible because the side ram removal feature of the T BOP allows for construction of a BOP stack with virtually no extra space between BOP body cavities. Each BOP body or module has only a slightly raised face and a gasket prep. The design of the T is based on Cameron's experience with the highly successful U and U II ram-type BOPs and combines much of this proven technology including:

■Metal-to-metal bonnet gaskets increase the safety and reliability in critical service applications.
■Hydraulic stud tensioning ensures that stud loading is consistently accurate and even.
■Hydraulically operated locking mechanisms, ST locks, act directly on the operating piston tailrod and are interlocked by sequence caps to ensure that locks are opened before the BOP is opened.
■Bonnet studs instead of bonnet bolts reduce the need to make and break threads in the BOP body.
■Most operating system seals can be replaced with the bonnet in the ram-change position without removing the bonnets.
■The standard T BOP has a large enough piston area to shear all commonly used sizes and grades of drill pipe.
Other features include hydraulically opening bonnets, forged body and a wide selection of rams to meet all applications. A detailed listing of T BOP features, available sizes and working pressures, body styles, end connections, etc. is available on page 366. See page 373 for rams available to fit the T BOP.

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