Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SEC sues Texas man in relation to Nigerian oil investment scam

By ERIC TORBENSON / The Dallas Morning News

The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed suit against a North Texas man and his church that allegedly attracted $2.3 million from investors for oil and gas development in Nigeria but was instead used to support a lavish lifestyle.

The suit filed Monday accuses Samuel O. Lemaire, who held himself out as a “man of god” according to the suit and is a former Nigerian resident, promised investors returns of up to 1,000 percent on their money from investments on tanker-loads of oil from Nigeria.

Instead, the suit alleges, Lemaire supported himself and friends and family with the money.

The suit seeks the lost money and aims to prevent Lemaire from breaking SEC rules; the government has asked for a freeze order to capture what remaining assets Lemaire may still have.

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