Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Avatar Director James Cameron Scripting New Ending to Oil Spill,,20390429,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

By Tim Nudd

James Cameron, the director of Avatar and Titanic, joined scientists and other experts at a meeting with U.S. officials Tuesday in Washington to come up with possible fixes for the leak, which so far has resisted oil company BP's attempts to plug it.

The Canadian-born Oscar winner, 55, is an ocean-technology buff and has been an expert in underwater filming and manned submersible vehicles since his pioneering work on The Abyss in the 1980s.

The results of the meeting were not clear, but U.S. officials are said to be considering all options, including the use of manned submersibles, to cap the well. Cameron attended the meeting with Phil Nuytten, the head of Canadian undersea technology company Nuytco Research.

"It's about looking at all the what-ifs – if this fails, if that fails, what happens," Nuytco chief pilot Jeff Heaton told Canada's Globe and Mail.

Cameron reportedly contacted BP several weeks ago and offered the company use of his private fleet of deep-dive craft, which he has owned since filming Titanic in the 1990s.

Other celebrities to become involved in the cleanup include former Dallas star Victoria Principal, who donated $200,000 toward mopping up the spill, says the Associated Press. In addition, Kevin Costner reportedly has invested in the development of a machine now under consideration to assist in the cleanup.

According to, the contraption utilizes centrifugal forces to remove the water's dirty particles – producing water that is 97 percent pollutant-free.

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