Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Dumb & Dumber: How's Your Burger?

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Christophe Chantre of Tender Foods is making a meatier plant-based meat

Developed in a Harvard laboratory, Tender Foods is hoping to fight climate change by creating a version of plant-based meat that tastes, well, meatier, mimicking the striated muscle tissue in a sirloin steak or chicken breast.

Working out of Greentown Labs in Somerville, its scientists use a technology that’s similar to a cotton candy machine, spinning plant proteins into strings that can be designed to replicate different cuts of meat. Co-founder Christophe Chantre says the company’s goal is to create a product that is “just better” — for the planet, for our diets, and that tastes better than other plant-based meats on grocery store shelves. 

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