Monday, December 7, 2020

New Militant Group Threatens Attacks on Nigerian Oil Installations 

A coalition of 36 militant groups in Nigeria calling themselves Continuous Emancipation of Niger Delta (CEND) have been carrying out attacks on oil and gas installations in Bayelsa state in recent weeks and have vowed they will continue “destructive attacks” unless their demands are met.

Among the main demands CEND has called for is the demilitarization of the Niger Delta and the relocation of petroleum companies operating in the region.

CEND has stated that there will be attacks in the coming days. “We are prepared to carry out our threats to the letter without any iota of fear as we have the capacity to bring the oil and gas facilities in the Niger Delta to rubbles if our demands are not met. In the coming days, there will be series of attacks on major oil and gas installations in the Niger Delta simultaneously because they are well prepared to push the pawn to the other side of the board without fear and harassment from security agencies and the federal government.”

The militants also warned that foreign nationals working in the country should leave. “We want to warn all foreign nationals that this is the time to leave the Niger Delta region, as the attacks which will be total in the coming days, will not spare them. All foreign embassies should as a matter of urgency evacuate their citizens.”

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