Monday, July 18, 2016

Qua Iboe Force Majeure and NDA Threats

Qua iboe

A force majeure has been called on exports of Nigeria’s Qua Iboe crude by ExxonMobil subsidiary Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN). The latest suspension of exports punches a hole in Nigeria’s export revenue.

MPN declared the force majeure after observing what is termed as a “system anomaly” during a check on its loading facility on July 14.

“We are working to ensure loading activities at the facility return to normal. We cannot speculate on any timeline for repairs,” the spokesman told Reuters. “Qua Iboe Terminal is operating and production activities continue.”

There were claims last week by Nigerian militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), that they had blown up one of ExxonMobil’s Qua Iboe pipelines; the US supermajor denied the NDA claims and said there was no connection between the force majeure and the militant attacks.

While ExxonMobil may not have been hit by the NDA, the militant group has warned the company not to carry out any repairs. On its website the group said “If ExxonMobil fails to listen to us (Niger Delta Avengers), your personnel are going to be our next casualties not pipelines.”

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