Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Honeywell Enraf Launches 'Fusion4 MSC-L' at StocExpo

Product Launch
Honeywell Enraf Your Terminal Operations Partner
Honeywell Enraf Launches 'Fusion4 MSC-L' at StocExpo
World's most powerful multistream controller for loading
Honeywell Enraf is pleased to announce the launch of Fusion4 MSC-L, the world's most powerful multi-stream controller for loading, at StocExpo in Rotterdam today.
The final and biggest launch in the Fusion4 portfolio for loading, blending and additive control, MSC-L gives weights and measures approved control of more streams, and that more efficiently than any other device. A large, color display and an alphanumeric keyboard are supported by a uniquely intuitive, "app-driven" interface for controlling up to six loading arms simultaneously.
Real time dynamic displays let users determine the level of information shown for crystal clear monitoring of all loading simultaneously. A configurable workflow function, FlexFlow, lets operators' tailor customer specific operational sequencing.
Some exciting new features at the lowest possible TCO:
  • Start up in under a minute, calibration wizards and zero-downtime upgrades
  • User configurable and expandable I/Os
  • Real-time stream, I/O type and system diagnostics
  • Advanced alarm handling for twice as many alarms as any device in the market
Visit www.honeywellprocess.com/fusion4 to learn more about Fusion4 MSC-L.
If you're at StocExpo, drop by our booth (H5) - near the networking lounge for a closer look. Otherwise, contact your Honeywell Enraf representative for more details or a demonstration.

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