Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Libya’s oil production at 233,000 bpd


Libya’s Ministry of Oil and Gas announced today that it is producing an average of 233,889 barrels of oil per day, up to 21 December 2013. It is also producing  just over two million (2, 058.500) cubic feet of gas.
It will be recalled that Libya’s oil production, which had reached 1.5 million bpd after the February 17th Revolution, has been the subject of numerous political, social and economic demands ranging from the Cyrenaica Federalists in the east, the Tebu and Tuaraeg in the south and the Amazigh in the Nefusa mountains. There have also been stoppages by the war injured and for various labour despites since 2011.
The minority Amazigh, Tebu and Tuarage populations, suppressed for years under Qaddafi , are taking full advantage of a weak interim government to press home their demands, using oil and gas sources and pipelines in their regions as leverage.

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