Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Libyan rebels refuse to move blockade, ports remain closed

After months of negotiations leading up to what was thought would be an end to the blockade of Libya's oil export terminals on 16 December, the ports remain closed for the foreseeable future.
Tribal leaders in the eastern Cyrenaica region had pledged to reopen the ports and allow oil exports to resume provided the central government in Tripoli met a number of conditions.
It has been reported that these conditions were not met.
Blockades of the key ports of Es Sider, Marsa el-Hariga, Ras Lanuf and Zueitina - with a combined export capacity of 740,000 b/d - were ordered by rebels demanding more autonomy for the Cyrenaica region of Libya.
Libyan oil minister Abdel Bari al-Arousi is quoted as saying last week that he 'was hopeful exports would resume shortly and reach pre-crisis levels quickly once blockades were lifted'.
It is unclear at this point if or when the blockades will be lifted, though it has been reported that Libyan prime minister Ali Zeidan is willing to talk about conditions with tribal elders only.
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