Monday, January 29, 2024

Chinese Communist Party ‘greatest existential threat’ to the US: Report

 Chinese Communist Party ‘greatest existential threat’ to the US: Report 

Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping has amassed many enemies within China due to his continued efforts to consolidate personal power, according to a new report.

The success of Xi’s “dictatorial” concentration of authority has likewise relied on his ability to remove his opposition from power, according to the China Transparency Report, published by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

“There is no disputing the fact that [Xi] is a master in factional intrigue, building up cliques and elbowing aside, if not taking out, enemies from other factions,” the report says

To prevent that war from turning hot, the report said, legislators will need to acknowledge how bad things have become and act accordingly.

“American citizens and policymakers need to acknowledge reality: The United States and China are in a New Cold War,” the report said.

“The American people take the threat from China deadly seriously; it’s time for our leadership to do the same.”

To that end, the report said that the CCP is “the greatest existential threat” to the United States.

Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts underscored that threat, but said that it was not too late for U.S. leadership to aggressively respond and fix the situation.

“In some circles, it’s not politically correct to speak so plainly about the Chinese Communist Party being an adversary,” Mr. Roberts said.

“The bad news is we have a lot to fix. The good news is this is America and we’re going to fix it.

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