Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oil Marketing Companies gets new members

Association of Oil Marketing Company Board Members and Representatives of eight newly inducted companies

They are Kings Energy, Tel Energy Limited, Rich Oil Company Limited, Ready Oil Limited, Shelleyco Petroleum Limited, Petro Afrique Ghana Limited, EV Oil Company Limited and Joekona Company Limited.

Mr Kwaku Agyemang-Duah, AOMCs Industrial Coordinator, said the Board of Governors of the Association had the mandate and could on reasonable grounds decide that a member’s continued membership was not in the Association’s interest or is undesirable and the member shall consequently cease to be a member.

At an induction ceremony in Accra on Saturday, Mr Agyemang-Duah explained that the Association recognized and sought to promote amongst its member responsible, accountable and legitimate OMC to be efficient and effective to contribute to the welfare of society.

The AOMCs Industrial Coordinator said the Association was concerned with creating balance economic and social goals, while encouraging efficient use of resources and accountability in business practices.

Mr Agyemang-Duah said the association would continue to enforce strict compliance with all the laws of the country, anti-trust legislation of Ghana, non engagement in product dumping and adulteration practices and quality standards and responsibility to customers.

He urged members to ensure transparency and accountability, as well as maintaining a high degree of social responsibility, high safety, health and environmental standards.

“You must adhere to fair competition without conflict of interest, no engagement in bribery and corruption,” he said.

Mr. Emmanuel Abledu AOMCs Board Chairman, said the Association would continue to promote the interests of its members and bodies engaged as marketers of petroleum products and will oppose actions that might adversely affect the petroleum industry in the country.

He said “as a Board we will continue to create enabling platform for co-operation with Government, Ministries and Regulators on all matters relating to the petroleum industry”.

Each of the new members were presented the AOMCs’ code of conduct, regulation and certificate of membership Other AOMCs members are: Ghana Oil Company Limited; Agapet Oil Company Limited; Naagamni Oil Company; Allied Oil; Obiba J. K.; Anasset (GAS); Oando Ghana Limited; AP Oil & Gas Company; Pacific Oil; Bano Oil; Petrobay Oil; Benab Oil; Quantum Petroleum Company Limited; and Capstone Oil Company Limited.

The rest are: Crown Petroleum Ghana Limited; Champion Oil Company Limited; Dukes Petroleum Company Limited; SO Energy Ghana Limited; Excel Oil Limited; Sonnidom Energy Limited; Sky Petroleum Company Limited; Engen Ghana Limited; Star Oil Company Limited; and Fraga Oil Company.

Strategic Energies; Frimps Oil Company Limited; Superior Oil Company Limited; Galaxy Oil Company Limited; Grace Petroleum; Top Oil Company; Total Petroleum Company; Glory Oil; Trade Cross Limited (GAS); and Glasark Oil Company; Trinity Oil (GAS) and Glee Oil Company Limited.
UBI Petroleum Ghana; Havilah Oil Company; Union Oil; Unity Oil Company; Kaysens Oil Marketing Company; Universal Oil Company; Kings Energy Limited; Virgin Petroleum Limited (GAS); Lucky Oil; Venus Oil; Modex Oil; VIVO Energy; Manbah Gas Company (GAS); West African Petroleum; Merchant Oil Ghana; ZEN Petroleum and NASONA Oil Company Limited.

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