Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Residents wary over newly proposed US storage facility -

A proposed tank storage and pipeline project in Pittsburg, US has been met with protests by local residents.
WesPac Energy Pittsburg (WEP) has a reported $200 million (€151 million) development proposal to transform land into a facility capable of unloading crude oil from rail cars and ships, storing it and forwarding it through to local refineries via pipelines.
The project would include the building of a new rail transload facility, upgrading most the current tanks and replacing four 500,000 gallon tanks with newer, smaller ones.
In terms of pipeline connectivity, a new line could be added to the Chevron KLM system and an existing connection to the San Pablo Bay pipeline would be repaired.
But local residents, at a public meeting at the end of August, have raised questions over subjects like effects on air and water quality, gaseous odours, soil contamination and fire dangers.
WEP is taking feedback on the project until mid-September and a final Environmental Impact Report is due to be completed before December. -

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