Friday, June 22, 2012

Schlumberger Unveils Industry-First Service to Reduce Drilling Risk

Schlumberger announced the introduction of the NeoScopesourceless logging-while-drilling formation evaluation service based on pulsed neutron generator technology that eliminates the need for chemical sources. Unique NeoScope technology provides real-time measurements close to the bit to guide interpretation and decision making in all drilling environments.

"With its compact design and neutron-on-demand technology, this service saves rig time, reduces risks and provides a comprehensive suite of petrophysical measurements," said Steve Kaufmann, president, Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements. "With more than 200 jobs conducted in the field test phase for customers in over 30 countries, the NeoScope service has demonstrated its ability to provide high quality data while lowering operational and technical risk."
Schlumberger has field tested the NeoScope service extensively for the last four years in a wide range of formations and environments that range from tight carbonates to conventional clastics to validate the measurement response.

Schlumberger technical experts have also verified the challenging measurement physics through extensive modeling and experimentation both in the laboratory and the field. Typical of the jobs run during the field test phase, the service was used to acquire a full suite of petrophysical measurements in a directional exploration well in Africa, where poor borehole conditions prevented wireline tools from reaching the entire interval of interest. The NeoScope measurements acquired helped save the customer seven days by eliminating the time and cost associated with chemical source deployment while providing the data required to successfully evaluate the well.

The NeoScope service offers a full suite of sourceless formation evaluation measurements, including spectroscopy, sigma, neutron porosity and neutron-gamma density. The service also delivers gamma ray images and array resistivity measurements for well placement. A set of ultrasonic calipers and a full drilling mechanics package complete the measurement and interpretation suite that helps optimize the drilling process.

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