Monday, January 10, 2011

Azeri Light / BP

Azeri Light

Crude Azeri Light (from Supsa)
Location Azerbaijan
Load Terminal FOB Supsa on the Georgian Black Sea Coast. Not blended with other crude oils
Parcel Sizes Up to 1 million barrels
API° 34.8
Sulphur %wt 0.15
Acidity mg KOH/gm 0.26

Distillation Yields (%wt)
C1 to C4 0.9
Naphtha (C5 to 149°C) 11.5
Kerosene (149°C to 232°C) 12.9
Gas Oil (232°C to 342°C) 24.6
Atmospheric Residue (342°C+) 50.1

Ni ppm wt 3
Va ppm wt <2

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