Monday, January 17, 2011

Nigerian Oil Mafia Invades Ghana

Investigative report reaching the Ghanaian Eye has disclosed that groups of Nigerian oil, Niger Delta Militant are trooping into the West Coast of Ghana, Cape 3 point and other parts of the country to seek greener pastures in the jubilee oil fields.

Most of these people, according to our sources, started migrating from the Niger Delta ethnic tribes and has began regrouping themselves in cities like Takoradi, Cape Coast, Accra and Kumasi.

The Ghanaian Eye was reliably hinted that these immigrant gangsters, criminal and mafia groups are from Ogoni, Ijaw ethnic tribe and also part of Ibom state of Nigeria. However, we can recall that competition for oil in Niger Delta has fuelled serious violence between immovable ethnic groups causing militarization in the entire Nigeria Niger Delta area.

Our investigations also hinted that these influx of the Niger Delta gangs are not one organization operating under a common leadership but a loose eclectic mix harden criminal gangsters who are extremely dangerous and violent.

Ghanaian eye

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