Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Common sense! Armageddon, crude oil and Bruce Willis! Michael's thoughts!

Since the oil business is the biggest business in the world! You would think the heads of these oil companies and the global community, that uses all petroleum products, would be actively working on safeguards like this metal box to contain crude oil 5000 ft under water. I was assuming we "The Earth, US government, big oil companies, oil producing countries, Haliburton, etc" had at least 20 different ways to fix this problem. I guess I was wrong. No one ever thought that this possible catastrophe would happen to them. What a joke!

We landed someone on the moon 238,855 miles away from Earth and flew them back safely many times but we can't plug a damn hole on our planet?

This is like the movie Armageddon. The asteroid is flying directly at earth. What is man kind going to do about it? Man kind worked together to create 2 spaceships, 2 nuclear bombs and send Bruce Willis with crew, to land on a moving asteroid travelling a zillion miles an hour. They drilled the holes, inserted the nukes, saved the world and created a group of hero all in 153 minutes. I cannot believe that after man kind, using crude oil for well over 100 years, we do not have a turn key solution for this problem that we created in the first place? It's like landing a person on the moon but not being able to get out of the spaceship and walk down the stairs. 'This is one small step for man"......... Wait, we didn't figure out how to get out of this damn spaceship. I guess we are coming home!

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